The Woodridge ATV & MX Social and Racing Club is a non for profit volunteer run club.

The club is focused on creating an awesome community venue and atmosphere for anyone to join and enjoy.

We have a range of tracks to suit al abilities and disciplines. These suit kids, Motocross 2 wheelers and quads. – No SxS vehicles allowed 

The events are socially focused with NO affiliation with any association and no need for special licenses.

Our events range from  Pony Enduro racing,  and social events such as Kid Camp outs and Social Ride Days.  The club is an ideal way to meet new people that  share the same interest in motorcycle riding and racing.

The  club in Woodridge contains two Pony Enduro tracks, Supercross track, a Motorcross track that  today is approximately 1.5km around and consists of tabletops and long sweeping  turns that will entertain a rider of any age as well as WA’s best dedicated Kid’s Track.

The club is open to Quads, 2 wheelers and riders in the form of Family or Single memberships.  Day memberships are available to attend with current members or committee members on designated Ride Days.  Events are open to members and non members.

If you would like to know about our club’s rules & regulations check out our club rules on this site.


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