Membership Rules

    1. RISKS 
    2. A) Ride at your own risk 
    3. B) AMBULANCE COVER is essential, no liability accepted by Club or any of the committee 

    5. A) All riders must have current membership. One-Day Memberships are available. It is the members responsibility to ensure all guests have one day memberships and have completed paperwork BEFORE attending.  
    6. B) No non members riding at the track without a day pass, members allowing a non member to ride will have their membership revoked.
    8. A) There is to be no abuse between members, spectators and/or officials, membership may be revoked and other penalties may apply. See the club constitution for more details on our expectations and guidelines in resolving conflict.
    9. B) No alcohol in pit area and no BYO during licensed events. 
    10. C) No consuming alcohol whist riding or riding under the influence. 
    11. D) No riding or setting up of bikes through the undercover and grassed area at any time.
    12. SAFETY 
    13. A) Nerf bars, kill switches and bar ends are to be installed and working on quads over 50cc. 
    14. B) All bikes to be in safe working order. 
    15. C) Helmets and riding boots are to be worn whilst on bikes. 
    16. D) A sight lap of the track should be undertaken before riding, to make sure the track is safe and there is no debris or damage to the track. 
    17. E) No SxS to be driven at the club or tracks at any time. Club is for motorcylces only
    19. G) Bikes and quads are to be ridden at walking pace through pit area. 
    20. H) No persons to be crossing the track, while riding is in progress. 
    21. I) Never ride on your own or without someone nearby. Make sure someone always knows where you are. 
    22. J) Riding with pillion passengers is not permitted at the club unless the bike is fitted with a passenger seat (duel rider farm bikes).  Passengers must wear a helmet.
    23. FIRE BANS 
    24. A) No riding when temperatures are above 38 degrees, this is a fire risk and machinery bans are often in effect within the Shire of Gingin. 
    25. B) Strictly no fires Nov-April (ban period can be extended by shire, see the Shire of Gingin website for details). 
    26. TRACK USE 
    27. A) No riding in creek areas, on grassed area or on the WABA (RC club) track , no exceptions 
    28. B) Riding hours 8am-Sunset, No riding at night unless part of a club run event. 
    29. C) Riding on marked tracks only – not on access roads, grassed area or in carpark. 
    30. D) Camping is only permitted with express permission from the Committee 
    31. E) Ride in the indicated direction at all times on the track.  No cutting across or riding backward on the tracks.
    32. F) Members are not to touch the generators, pumps, pipes, retic or use kitchen areas, committee use and access only
    34. A) All persons under the age of 18 to be accompanied by an adult member of their family and to be supervised by parent or guardian at all times. 
    35. B) No Juniors (under 300cc 4 stroke/200cc 2 stroke) are to ride on the track at speed with Seniors, except during approved events (during which they must wear a high visibility vest). 
    36. C) AGE RESTRICTIONS/ CC rules are to be adhered to at all times.  When joining the club with children under 16 you are accepting these restrictions, no exceptions.  Allowing your child to ride a bike in excess of the CC allowable will result in loss of membership and puts your child and others at risk. 
    37. D) No riders or passengers on motorized vehicles under the age of 4 years (4 is the minimum riding age of ATV&MXWA member) 
    38. E) Do not allow your children to cut the tracks, especially the Supercross. If juniors cannot ride up the bridge or navigate other obstacles they do not belong on the track, they need to stay on the kids track. Also only enter and exit the Kids track at correct entry. 
    39. D) Parents to ensure junior riders are not sent onto the track with senior riders riding at speed and to ensure they supervise and allow a rotation of junior and senior riders to allow all to enjoy the facilities 
    40. E) Parents are permitted to ride the larger tracks with their children at a supervisory level only (slowly as a following or lead rider for supervision purposes) 
    42. A) It is important a site lap, at a low speed, be conducted by all riders, checking for any hazards including junior riders already using the track. This is especially of importance on the MX track where riders are not always fully visible from the pits. 
    43. B) No seniors riding at speed on track until confirming tracks are cleared of hazards and junior riders. 
    44. C) Juniors are permitted to ride on all tracks – it is a shared facility; and senior members must give right of way to junior members until they have cleared the track. 
    45. D) No seniors to ride on kids track – Supervising parents to be on foot. 
    47. A) You must give way to all native animals and livestock. 
    48. B) NO DOGS permitted at the track.  This is a part of our lease with the shire 
    50. A) Place all rubbish in the bins provided or take home if bins are full 
    51. B) There are to be no modifications to the track without the consent of the committee. 
    52. C) Please lock all gates, toilets and close top water tank valves when leaving. 
    53. D) Report any track damage/defects, building damage or vandalism to the committee immediately. 
    54. E) Please report any suspicious people or behaviour to the committee immediately.
    55. Most importantly have safe, family friendly fun!

      Fire Danger 

      Our track is situated in the Shire of Gingin and has significant grassed and bush areas. If temperatures of over 38 degrees are forecast or a fire/ movement ban is issued due to extreme fire danger, the track is closed. Please check emails, DFES website, Shire of Gingin website and Facebook for up-dates on weather and fire risk status. Also no camp fires are permitted at the track from Nov to April.   

    56. It is the responsibility of each member to check and abide by these rules.